My Ruffy
                                                                         Howard 2017

(Wallingford Woolly Bully X Dragon Fang)
3 way;21 buds

Medium orchid self with large lemon chiffon halo and toothy edge,and intermittent
toothy midrib cristation. Yet another of the Wallingford Woolly Bully kids with
occasional toothy mid-rib cristation--perhaps 15-20% of the time.I like this one the
best--for the color,the look when it cristates ,with lots of teeth, and the plant habit.
Fertile both ways-pods difficult

Selected by my friend Barbara White of Canada as explained here:

"H.’My Ruffy’ (Howard, R., 2017) named for my wonderful dog Ruffus who was
nearly 17 years old when we had to have him put to sleep due to health issues.

Ruffy was a big part of our family and his sweet, kind and gentle disposition filled
my heart with love.  R.I.P my sweet boy,I love and miss you.

Thank you Rich for naming this beautiful daylily in honour of my beloved dog.  It
will have a very special place in my garden with the other family namesakes."

We love animals and I was so happy to be able to do this for Barbara.