Augie's Unique Beauty

Krupien 2007
Lots of poly blooms in 2011
Augie's Unique Beauty is a 2007 registration by the late Augie Krupien. Augie was a member of our club
who passed away in 2007 at the age of 91.We would have lunch together from time to time and talk
mostly about daylilies. He introduced eight daylilies including Big George, Ruffled Vintage Burgundy and
Late Summer Fling. A year or two before he died he gave me a couple of fans a seedling that he said
was very different. He had it for 5-10 years, and he said that all scapes would show the majority of
blooms as broken color; in varying degrees. Each bloom is different in appearance, looking like
someone threw a can of paint at the scape creating random color breaks. He said that occasionally a
solid yellow-gold bloom would appear on the same scape as the others. Augie never sold any of the
plant, but did give some to a few people.

I was tickled to have the plant. It is fertile both ways. I have done a few self-crosses and have not been
able to replicate the broken color in any of its offspring. When he became ill in the summer of 2007 I
helped Augie file the paperwork for this plant with AHS .It is registered as gold with variable red
mahogany broken overlay above orange throat. It also is registered as a mid-late. I believe it actually is
either EM or M. Its registered bud count of 14 may also be a bit high. In 2009,as bloom began I noticed
what seemed like a large number of solid gold blooms on a clump of AUB.I started tagging the scapes
and 4-5 of the fans bloomed only sold color They were all clustered together. I spoke to another club
member, who has a daylily business, to whom Augie had also given some. She said they always were a
mixture for her--that  she had never observed what I had.

What I believe is happening is that as new fans are established some of them revert to solid color
blooms. This may be analogous to some variegated plants. I do not know on what percentage of new
fans this happens. It has been difficult to track.. Dave Mussar of Ontario won a SF at a Regional meeting
a few years ago. He told me that in 2011 he had 5 scapes on his clump and none were all yellow. If you
are unhappy with this plant when it blooms we will refund you!