Webster's Goliath $60/DF
Webster's Pastel Beauty
Webster's Pinched Peach
Webster's Scarlet Beauty
Webster's Yellow Wonder-Fall
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We are proud to represent the Webster-Cobb line of
fine cold-hardy unusual forms. Unless some of the
other seedlings we got from Rob show better
performance,these are the last of the line. The
Webster-Cobb line is more fertile than most daylilies
of this genre,and these have produced some
exciting offspring. Please order early as some are in
short supply. See below for collection info. All
photos by me and my point and shoot camera. I am
photographically challenged and they should be
prettier than shown in your garden.
Richard Webster helped pioneer the development
of the tetraploid daylily from the back yard of his
North Alabama home. This unique climate helped
create very hardy flowers as a result of the hot
summers and cold mountaintop winters which
they had to endure. His finest creations include
Red Suspenders and Webster's Pink Wonder. He
is best known for his large unusual form
introductions. These fine daylilies were selected
by Richard Webster and his grandson Rob Cobb.
2012 Webster-Cobb Intros