Emily Olson's 2006 Introductions
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MINISTERING ANGEL  Tet  (Olson)  #5/129
MOMENTUM  X DISH FAIRY  61/2” -7”   30”  
Em  Dor   Re.
This MINISTERING ANGEL with it’s brilliant,
rich yellow color lifted my spirits every day
with a cheery “hello” here at Fortune Hill
Farm.  The extra -large size of MINISTERING
ANGEL created a striking clump of yellow-
gold.  The busy, ruffled edges gave
substance and texture to this delight.   Very
fertile with above-average buds and
branching. - a garden favorite.
#9/10/4  Unknown  6”  28”  Em  Dor Re
Of all the eyed varieties on the market now,
the most unusual combination.  The petal
color is more of a coral tone than pictured,
but I did want you to see the striking
contrast of the lime green throat and the
burgundy eye.  It will draw you like a
magnet with its unusual beauty..Fertile..
RED CORONATION  Tet  (Olson)  #13/12/7
PEGGY  VERITY  X  Unknown  51/2”  29”  
M  Sev  Re  The parent of this rounded,
bright red  is PEGGY VERITY, a good
parent in breeding for pink daylilies.  
Peggy herself was the wife of Bill Verity,
former Secretary of Commerce with
President Reagan.  I named a wide-petaled
red for Bill and an eyed pink with for Peggy
which has made some stunning pink
seedlings. This red has inherited the
slightly darker eye and the ruffled petals.  
The white, ruffled rim sets up each bloom
with a rounded appearance and a scape
that appears taller than it is.  I wish I knew
the pollen parent.  RED CORONATION has
a green throat making for a pleasing
combination.    Fertile.
THADDEUS  Tet  (Olson)  #9/17/ 1 ROLL
AWAY THE STONE  X Unknown 6”  26”  M  
Sev  Re.  When I first saw THADDEUS
bloom, it was an unusual sight in my garden
because of the underlying white look of the
petals.  It was the best of the “no eyes, but
edges” group that truly pleased me.  I was
glued to that garden number lest I should
lose it in the move from S.C in the Fall of
2004. The petals blend out to a shade of
lavender-pink darkening to a double picotee
edging, the final edge being white like the
extended throat.  The green heart really sets
off this combination.  Fertile and worthwhile.
ZACCHAEUS  Tet  (Olson)  #10/18/10
53/4” 22”  Em  Sev  Re  SPIRITUAL
growing cultivar is different because it has a
wide,  open-throated look in yellow which
moves out to darker red petals and  
matching border edges that are sometimes