Emily Olson's 2006 Introductions
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CHERYL ALDERMAN -Tet (Olson) #24/5/1
X CELEBRATE LIFE   6’ 28” Sev Re I have
named this daylily for a very dedicated, loyal
friend and member of the Western North
Carolina Daylily Society.
This color is a neon fire- engine red. This daylily
and Cheryl are a  beacon  for all others.  The
throat is small and yellow-green.  The petals
show a faint midrib with wide ruffles and
occasional polytepaling .  You will be drawn to
this daylily as many garden visitors have been.
Vigorous and Fertile
CRIMSON CROSS Tet (Olson) #3A/1/4
VELVET BEADS  X  Unknown  6”  30”  
Em  Sev  Re   Clear red, wide petals, gold
border edge, green throat.  CRIMSON
CROSS is a good performer, and a big  
red addition that will catch your eye.
VELVET BEADS  X  Unknown  6”-61/2”  
28”  M  Sev  Re.
This bright, red daylily has a large, narrow
form with a green throat and a gold edge.  
It grows and multiplies well.  It is a popular
parent in my new, narrow breeding line
now that we have Fortune Hill Farm with all
the seedling space I need and no tree
roots to compete with.  I’ve tried to resist
this temptation in the past when I had only
a 1/3-acre seedling patch.  Fertile.
EMILY’S CRAZINESS  Tet  (Olson)  #10/13/8
61/2-7”  27”  M  Sev  Re.
EMILY’S CRAZINESS is pink with petals reaching
out in all directions at different times.  This rich
pink color is bright with many large blooms over
a long period from above-average buds &
branching.  Again here is an offspring from
MOMENTUM, but this time with a narrower form
that could add to your spidery-forms program.  
Very fertile
LORDY MERCY Tet  (Olson)  #14/18/3
5”  22’  M  Dor  Re  LORDY MERCY  was
aptly named by Claudia Savoy when she
saw it on the computer screen.  These
wide, ruffled blooms occasionally
polytepal. LORDY MERCY  is from two,
great parents, low and fertile
EMILY’S PINK ANGEL Tet  (Olson)  #10/15/9
Great White  X  MOMENTUM 6”  27”  Em Sev  Re
EMILY’S PINK ANGEL actually has some
lavender to this color, with ruffles, size and
pretty with self edging.  It caught my eye every
time I rounded the corner on bed 10 back in
Beaufort.  The color seems to be a little more to
the pink here in N.C.but the buds and blooms
are ample making a showy, garden flower in an
established clump.
Very fertile