Emily Olson's 2007 Introductions
Bob Olson-Tet (Olson )  Seedling  X  Seedling  6”  26”  Em Sev Re-Dark
red/plum  merlot with white teeth above a lime-green throat with garden
charisma makes BOB OLSON my best toothy introduction to date.  I am
happy to name this red for my husband, Bob. He originally wanted a
black   but much to my JOY, this is a dark red with some plum influence
and perhaps some spidery also because it has the slightly narrower
foliage.  Definitely fertile, but not quite as rapid to increase a some of my
others, hence  2008 Delivery. Unfortunately at this point, quite Limited
Busy Eager Beaver-
(Tet (Olson) HW 29/3  RED ROCKET SOARING  X  Unknown   6”  27”  Em  
Sev Re  This cherry-red prize first bloomed in S. C. with white ric-rac teeth,
but here in N.C. It has settled to a busy white edge.  The petals are wide
and overlapping above a green throat.  This color makes BUSY EAGER
BEAVER one of my favorites, but the edge is what puts it above other reds
in my garden.  It’s a stand-out with the branching and genes of RED
ROCKET SOARING with the GRAM’S DREAM background which years
later is still putting out exceptional children. Fertile.
Cherry Apple Smasher
(Tet (Olson) B.G. PINCKNEY  X  Seedling  6”  28”  Em  Dor  Re  Reliable
and showy, CHERRY APPLE SMASHER is vigorous, increasing rapidly
with VELVET BEADS  DORMANT GENES - just enough white rim to set
off the color.  Good buds & branching.
Tet  (Olson)  #13/12/2  THEOPHILUS  X  Seedling  101/2”  22”  M  Sev  Re.  
A yellow of this size is enough to “knock you over”.  DUMBO is truly a
knock-out!  He’s a butter yellow with some creping and ruffles.  These
petals are WIDE.  The plant height is a little low to be in perfect plant
proportion, but, heck, I’ll take it!.  Fertile and very
Eleanor's True Passion-  Tet (Olson)  #11/1/8  Lord Of Lighting  X  
Seedling-6”  29”  M  Sev Re---Eleanor Rice has been my special friend for a
number of years in Beaufort and has always loved lavenders.   ELEANOR’
S TRUE PASSION, has white toothy edges to the petals and some sepals,
with a pretty lavender eye on lavender-hyacinth petals with a slightly
narrower form and green throat.  Salter;’s Lord Of Lightning passed on
some good plant habits to this one.  Fertile and a good  performer with a
discounted price  for my
Beaufort friends...
Emily's Key Lime Pie-Tet (Olson)#2/5/2  Unknown  X  Seedling  6”  
26”  EM Sev Re.  Light, light yellow with an overpowering presence of
green radiating from the throat makes EMILY’S KEY LIME PIE a delicious
sight.  This one is for the green-throat lovers for sure. Blooms are
displayed with just slight recurve to the petals, making the green center
even more pronounced.  Vigorous and fertile
Twinkling of an Eye-Tet (Olson)  #11/11/8  LUST OF THE EYES  X  
LOVE FOR JESUS  6”  26”  Em-VLa  Dor  Re.
I love these daylilies that bloom when they are supposed to and then at
the end of the summer they produce a whole nother set of scapes and
rebloom into the Fall.  SUNDOWN really got my attention when it was
blooming its heart out in late September.  The common gene in GRAMS’S
DREAM and MOMENTUM did it again.  The pink petal color is bright and
shows a tiny picotee edging.  The branching and bud count are above
average.  Fertile and found to be dormant
Grace Veil Evans-Tet (Olson)  #2/5/4
MOMENTUM  X  Seedling  6”  27”  EM  Sev Re
MOMENTUM does it again with the full, voluptuous form in GRACE VAIL
EVANS who was my great Aunt and an avid antique collector. These
antique-pink petals are wide, rounded and heavily ruffled. They have a
slight crepe texture and a faint rose eye above a yellow-green heart.  A
small white midrib section divides only the eye zone which gives it some
distinction.  I can’t remember GRACE VAIL EVANS as having a fragrance,
but I would not be surprised if it did.  I always remember my days as a
teenager visiting my aunt in St. Joseph, Michigan and how wonderfully
distinctive her attic garrett smelled.  It was full of long-lasting treasures.  
Heart Transplant- Tet (Olson)  MOMENTUM  X Seedling  6”  28”  EM
Sev Re
HEART TRANSPLANT is the most consistently unusual bloom in my
garden.  It has pulsating veins on a broad border around the petals.  These
red veins flow through a gold field in a wide area at the petal edges giving
the bloom a third dimensional depth that is difficult to capture. This is a
different red.  HEART TRANSPLANT is showy and has a long bloom
period.  Fertile.
Heart of Faith-Tet (Olson)  #4/10  VELVET BEADS  X  Ida’s Magic  6”  
27”  EM  Dor  Re
HEART OF FAITH has perfect, full form showing wide petals bordered
with a wide band of pink ruffles.  The heart is small and green.  The rose-
red petals are so neat and precise.  They look like a ruffled petticoat.  
Branching and bud count is average.   This combination has made a
dependable performer for me.  Fertile
6”  28-30”  EM  Sev-Dor  Re
J.S. BACH is not only one of our favorite composers, but this daylily has
a special place in my heart also.  J. S BACH has such a smooth, pure
“look” to the bloom.  It has an overwhelming presence.  The lime-green
throat sets off these wide, showy petals.  Good performer.  Tall and
Update March 2011

Emily has had some health issues and will not be offering any new introductions for a
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