Explosion In The Paint Factory--Howard 2014    

(Flying Trapeze X Webster's Aggie)
7"/38"--La,Dor, Tet
20 buds,4 branches

Yellow UFo with variable red broken overlay. A hard dormant that goes down early. Fertile both ways.
Will proliferate. I see a few blooms<5%) each year that are solid color, but even those are appealing
because of the twisting of the petals.
Rarely an entire scape will show all yellow blooms. I split off a
fan like this and it later sent up a scape with broken color.
Very nice wide-spaced branching. The
colors will have different patterns on different days-see below.

All segments will twist, spatulate and cascade depending on the day. Truly nothing else is like it ou
t there. It has the plant habit to go with a truly unique bloom,with the bonus of extending the season

with something you can't wait to see each day......$150/DF---$100/SF--A FEW LEFT FOR 2020.

The broken color trait may pass on to its seedlings. Several hybridizers have gotten positive
results.I have several offspring and one intro from it--
Scuff Marks-2020.
Below ae 3 EITPF seedlings. Below those are  various images of EITPF.

Occasional solid color
Explosion in The Paint
Factory selfed
EITPF seedlings:
EITPF on various days: