Various Club Photos
Club member Richard Daniel
with one of his seedings
Club members Gary Jones(Region 4
RVP), Augie Krupien and Paul
Bozenhard seen at Augie's garden in
summer 2005
Alexis Kuchel, Gary Jones, and
Rebecca Nisley at our Hartford
Flower Show Booth in Feb.2004
Jean Breakell helping out at Augie's
Roguish Imp -Krupien 2000
Dormant, Diploid-Smoky
burgundy with a darker eye.
A lovely smaller daylily by
club member Augie krupien
Home of former club
vice-president Marifran Hiltz in
Goshen, CT.It is beautifully
landscaped with daylilies and
other perennials.
Club member Don Smith receiving
the coveted Stanley Saxton award
from club officer Tina Cotter in
2002 for best seedling at the
Regional meeting.
Here's Don brandishing his
award.I understand he slept
with it that night.