Other Club Related Events
During the CDS annual meeting held at our 2009 Summer Picnic, the club voted to
make a donation to the AHS in remembrance of a member and friend who lost his
challenge with Lou Gehrig’s disease in May, 2009.  Paul Bozenhard would rarely
miss a meeting of the Connecticut Daylily Society, the New England Daylily
Society, the Hudson-Adirondack Daylily Society, and the Hudson Valley Iris &
Daylily Society.  And when he was in Florida in the winter he attended meetings of
the Sunbelt Daylily Society.  Perhaps this is a club membership record!  After
retiring, Paul had relocated to Ellenville, New York.  No distance prevented Paul
from showing up to help out at a daylily club activity.  He thought nothing of
driving three hours to Waltham, MA to talk diploids with Mike Huben and Bob
Sobek for ten minutes.   Sleep?  No problem, Paul would pull over and have a nap
in his car.  A favorite story of Paul’s was the day he was transporting a trunk load
of plant pots.  He had found a place to park for the night, and was awoken to the
feel of tiny feet running up his pant leg.  The pots in the trunk had inhabitants!  He
had little interest in ‘Tet Heads,’ his affectionate term for those favoring
tetraploids.   He hybridized small flowered diploids, often growing them in beds
planted in the center of, yes, tires!  The Connecticut Daylily Society is grateful for
all those little chores Paul helped out with, his reliability, for publishing our club
newsletter for several issues, and for his friendship.

At our summer picnic, Helene Ferrari announced she was introducing a daylily in
honor of Paul.  Her choice is a diploid, of course, a small red spider.   Mike Huben
has offered to assist Paul’s family by selecting the best of Paul’s seedlings and
monitoring their potential