CT Daylily 2014 Introductions
This year we have 9 new introductions. All are Tets. I have tried to be conservative on the bud counts.
Many were moved to select beds in 2012 so the stats, which  were taken in 2013, may have been better on
more established plants. Prices are on the pricelist pages.

There are so many look-alike introductions out there. When I stroll through the seedling beds the one that
grabs my attention is the one I want. The more exciting and different the look, the fewer buds I would
accept. I certainly recognize the desirability of plant habit, but I am composting 30 plus bud seedlings that
look ordinary.

Music is a passion of mine and many of the names I select have connections to the music I have liked over
the years.I hope some may touch a chord in you.

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Angels In Newtown
Doctor Feelgood
Jealous Sky
Joo-joo Eyeball
Rohrshach Test
Wallingford Bling-bling
Witchy Woman
Explosion in the Paint Factory
Smoke On The Water
Click on photos for more info.